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MacBennsie free Screensavermodules for MacDim, AutoLaunch,...
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Fractal saver
Misc saver
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This will be the place for non-fractal(like) saver

You can quit the programs only with the mousebutton. One mouseclick brings the endscreen for some seconds. Then <done> will be written. Now, click twice the mousebutton to quit. Please, read the instructions for a faster way. Enjoy

!!! IMPORTANT !!! They run only with Mac's and thousands colors or more. Not for flatscreens and notebooks. Please, read the instructions first.

best to open with Mac Zip ( hqx-file for Stuffit included )

Download here MacZip

Size of zip files: 1 saver = 143 kb, 2 = 275 kb, 3 = 418 kb, 5 = 704 kb

(...) = number of modules



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