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MacBennsie free Screensavermodules for MacDim, AutoLaunch,...
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MacBennsie Screensavermodules for classic Mac

Stand alone programs, usable with #Mac Dim#, #Real Saver# and further screensaverprograms running with modules. They are only for Mac's with thousands or more colors. You can quit the programs only with the mousebutton. One Click brings the endscreen for some seconds. Then <done> will be written. Now, click twice the mousebutton to quit. To avoid the endscreen, hold the mousebutton for about 0.4 sec. (or until <done> is written) on the first mouseclick. It is not a bug, that you can quit the programs only with the mousebutton. I have small workspace for my computer, touching and moving the mouse is fast happend. This way, I can avoid the closing of screensaver. They are made with Metal Basic, this gives the possibility to break the programs with CONTROL_D

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Use only modules named with flatscreens for flatscreens and notebooks.


All modules are FREEWARE, but remember >>All Rights Reserved <<. NO COMERCIAL USE, in any way. This software is provieded >as is< I can't be responsible for any damage that might occur. Use at your own risk. Tested with different Mac's, all survived.

Special thanks to the Metal Basic, Mac Dim, and Real Saver teams. They gave me the tools and ideas to realize these programs.